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IZ & Education

An education system encouraging highly different potentials and talents, levelling social injustice and being accessible to everyone is a worthwhile goal. In a society based on knowledge, the question of education and knowledge is pivotal and needs to be ensured for everyone. Competences, e.g. the ability of creative cooperation, language competence, social learning, working in inter- & trans-cultural teams, joined-up thinking, creativity, learning competence, media competence are becoming ever more important in order to deal with the challenges of a complex world.

In this regard, education is a starting point and a method for change and participation. Our understanding of education is comprehensive – formal, non-formal and informal education – aligned with the lives and experiences of people.

IZ is active in all fields of education, in formal, non- formal and informal education. We introduce our knowledge, experience and methods gained in non-formal education to formal education. Furthermore, we encourage increased recognition of non-formal education as well as intensified cooperation between the different educational sectors.