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Mission Statement & Principles

The IZ's work focuses in particular on three key issues:


Social diversity as an opportunity


Dialogue and communication at eye-level


Empowerment to participate and co-create through educational projects

Mission Statement of IZ

Our vision is a solidary society in which everyone can develop their potential.

  • We strengthen social cohesion through:
  • Our commitment to participation, equity and inclusion
  • empowerment for participation and participation
  • Promote a respectful approach to diversity

Education is the key to achieving these goals and has a central role in all our activities.

We create spaces for encounters, bring people into dialogue and facilitate cooperation and networking.

We work locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. In doing so, we communicate and use the potential of cross-border cooperation and actively participate in shaping Europe.

Our work focuses on people and their needs. It is sustainable and raises awareness and is characterized by a variety of topics, methods and approaches.

We are an innovative, independent and reliable partner and cooperate with initiatives and institutions of different structure and size at eye level.

The employees of the IZ with their experience and competences are their most important resource.

Principles of IZ's work

The IZ is committed to upholding the personal rights and dignity of children, adolescents and adults, and to treat them with care and respect.

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