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Mag.ª Larissa Pompe

Larissa Pompe works with the Austrian National Agency for Erasmus+ Youth in Action and the European Solidarity Corps. She is responsible for the funding pool “Labour Mobility” and coordinates the project “Youth for Human Rights” - human rights education in youth work. Furthermore, she is in charge of quality development in youth work within the framework of the strategic partnership of European National Agencies “Europe goes Local”. She encourages the professionalisation of international youth work and the establishment and use of the EU youth programme on a local level.

Main Topics:

(International) youth work, human rights education, EU youth programmes


International Development studies with a focus on Political Economy and Global Learning at the University of Vienna, semester abroad at the Universidad Bolivariana in Venezuela. Basic course on youth work (Institut für Freizeitpädagogik in Vienna), trainings in project management, health promotion & community work, former member of the “Fair-Play-Team” (Vienna).


German, English, Spanish, French (basic knowledge)

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Larissa Pompe