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Mag.ª Sonja Tanzer

Sonja Tanzer is responsible for the administration of funds, in particular for reporting and auditing, at the Austrian National Agency for Erasmus+ Youth in Action and the European Solidarity Corps. She is member of the team working on content-related matters concerning Strategic Partnerships (Key Action 2). Additionally, she is the national contact person for “Youthpass” and takes part in the internal work group for youth policy. Prior to this, she coordinated the research network RAY - Research-based Analysis of Youth in Action.

Main Topics:

Research, international youth work, non-formal learning


Graduate in Communication Studies and Sociology studies from the University of Vienna, focus on empirical social research and social ecology. Project experience at IFF (Institute for Inter- disciplinary Research, University of Klagenfurt)


German, English, (French)

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Sonja Tanzer