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Course „Diversity and intercultural competences“


For more than 30 years, IZ has been active in the educational sector in Austria as well as internationally. The organisation has at its disposal a broadly based expertise in the fields of international youth work, intercultural competences, non-formal education, inclusion and diversity. IZ offers a wide range of training opportunities. Get an overview of our offers and activities.

Course “Diversität und interkulturelle Kompetenzen” ("Diversity and Intercultural Competences")

DThe course “Diversity and Intercutural Competences” is organised in cooperation with „Karl- Renner-Institute. It is aimed at people who would like to take a critical look at interculturality and diversity, gain more knowledge, take a clear stance and wish to acquire skills for a confident interaction with social diversity.

Addressing the topics of “migration, flight and integration” is often characterised by emotions, prejudices, intolerance and exclusion. Therefore, a space is needed where personal insecurities and questions can be expressed and alternative action strategies can be developed. The course offers space for confrontation and learning. Accordingly, experts and practitioners relay knowledge and methods for a confident approach to diversity in one’s work environment as well as private environment.

DSA Martina Fürpass and Mag.a Alice Scridon of the IZ not only organize the course, but are also speakers in most of the modules. For specific topics, they bring in renowned external speakers.


Target group


The training is aimed at persons from the educational sector (kindergarten teachers, school teachers, etc.), youth work, community and public administration, social and health sector, voluntary and professional employees in the integrational field, as well as from the business sector (service sector, human resources, etc.) and everyone who is confronted with diversity and intercultural issues in his or her professional and/or private environments and wishes to acquire respective competences.


Educational objectives

  • Broadening of the individual, social and professional competence to act
  • Achieving confidence in inter- and transcultural issues
  • Broadening of the options to act in inter-/transcultural conflicts
  • Developing strategies against racism, sexism and for civic courage
  • Acquiring background knowledge (migration in Austria, legal situation, asylum system,...)
  • Exchange of personal experiences, issues, dialogue and supervisory editing of practical examples


Modules & Dates


Module 1 - Migration, flight and integration. Life in a pluralistic society
Wed, October 16 - Fr, October 18, 2019


Bernhard Perchinig |
August Gächter |
Anny Knapp |
Martina Fürpass / Alice Scridon |


Module 2 - Diversity and foreignness. Culture and intercultural communication
Thu, November 21 – Fr, November 22, 2019


Chibueze Udeani |
Martina Fürpass / Alice Scridon |


Module 3 - Racism, antidiscrimination & civic courage. Legal framework and options for acting
Thu, December 5 - Fr, December 6, 2019


Volker Frey |


Module 4 - Radicalisation & hate speech. Challenges in society and the web
Thu, January 16 - Fr, January 17, 2020


Andreas Peham |
Verena Fabris |
Martina Fürpass / Alice Scridon |


Module 5 - Intercultural conflict management. Conflict analysis and intercultural competence (to act)
Wed, February 19 - Fr, February 21, 2020


DSA Martina Fürpass / Mag. Alice Scridon |


In total, the course consists of 96 learning units.

Karl-Renner-Institute, 1100 Vienna, Karl-Popper-Straße 8


October 16, 2019 - February 21, 2020

Course times

09:00 - 17:00 h


Karl-Renner-Institute, 1100 Vienna, Karl-Popper-Straße 8


1.500 Euros
including learning materials and drinks

(Earlybird- & "Save together"-discounts available; info see registration form)

Course synopsis


Oktober 1, 2019

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