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Seminars for organisations and companies

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Within the IZ Academy, IZ offers customised trainings related to the topics of diversity and intercultural competences.

Encounter of individuals with different biographies, attitudes, personalities and cultural imprints give rise to new challenges in the daily interaction with each other. Within the scope of the advanced training offers of the IZ Academy, participants develop different possibilities for action which prepare them for a multifaceted daily life – in their working environment, as volunteers or simply when dealing with their direct environment.

Depending on the needs and interests, a focus on specific topics can be set in accordance with IZ. The duration of the training (one day seminars to full course) is agreed upon with the respective client.

Key topics

Diversity and inclusion
Plurality and diversity are a mark of our society. Within the range of our seminars, participants have a critical look at their own experiences and broaden their knowledge about diversity (e.g. diversity dimensions, intersectionality, prejudices, inclusion). They reflect on (their own) group memberships, discuss discrimination and exclusion mechanisms topics and develop strategies for a positive approach to diversity.

Intercultural communication
Intercultural misunderstandings often occur because of communication problems and language barriers. To create successful interactions in intercultural environments, specific skills are needed. In the course of group work and individual work, communicative and intercultural challenges and differences are addressed and made perceptible through exercises. Participants strengthen their communicative skills (such as active listening, I-messages).

Intercultural conflict management
Conflicts arise in many spheres of life and challenge individuals as well as groups, organisations and companies. Frequently, conflicts are labelled as intercultural conflicts prematurely. This module addresses the definition of intercultural aspects in situations of conflict and aims to improve individual decision-making. For this purpose, specific conflicts chosen by the participants are being revised.

Intercultural competences
The focus is on dealing with fundamental issues concerning concepts of culture, perception and social diversity. Participants proactively reflect upon their perceptions and their individual intercultural experiences. They analyse their personal group memberships and (group-related) prejudices. The concept of culture and the related implicitness is being questioned. Different methods make a change of perspective possible and promote the development of intercultural competences.

Prejudice-conscious education
Prejudices shape our perception and our coexistence. In the course of the seminar, participants get to know the concept of prejudice-conscious education, reflect their own prejudices and apply methods and approaches with regard to handling stereotypes. Practical exercises and methods stimulating self-reflection and promoting “non-judgmental” communication are central. Depending on the target group, prejudice-conscious materials for everyday school life or for working with youth groups will be presented.

Target group:
organisations and companies of all kinds

diversity and intercultural competence

flexible (day-long seminar to full course)

flexible, typically on-site at the company or organisation

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