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Caucasus Network for Children

The Caucasus Network for Children is an association of NGOs from Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaidjan and three North Caucasus Republics of the Russian Federation, advocating social inclusion of underprivileged children and youths in the region. To emphasize the claim for inclusion on a political and societal level and to establish lasting structures, altogether 15 organisations from the North and South Caucasus region joined forces in January 2013 after years of preparation and formed the Caucasus Network for Children.

Inclusion and peace work

Through cooperative cross-border projects, the network aims to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience and to contribute to reconciliation and peaceful togetherness in the region. On the federal state level, the organisations wish to promote social participation of marginalised groups and raise social and political awareness for their issues.

Cooperation within the network

IZ has been monitoring the process of network building since 2007 and carries out regular network meetings as well as relevant trainings for the partner organisations. In the beginning, the focus was on strenghtening and advancing the structures in order to optimise and shape them in a sustainable way. Since then, the network has been able to realise joint projects successfully.

Partner Countries:

Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaidjan, North Caucasus Republics of the Russian Federation


Inclusion of underprivileged children and youths as well as marginalised groups

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