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European Solidarity Corps Resource Centre

The IZ has been installed as Europe's Resource Centre for the European Solidarity Corps in the end of 2018. The European Solidarity Corps Resource Centre (RC) provides support to the network of National Agencies, the Commission, organisations and beneficiaries in the implementation of the European Solidarity Corps.

The work of the Resource Centre includes among others:

  • Organising trainings, seminars and other activities to support the implementation of the European Solidarity Corps, with a special focus on the new elements of the programme (e. g. jobs & traineeships, in-country activities)
  • Developing and documenting training methods, expert knowledge and tools for programme implementation
  • Ensuring advocacy and visibility of the programme and creating synergies between the European Solidarity Corps and the youth policy of the European Union;
  • Community Building of organisations active in the Solidarity Corps at European level

The Resource Centre is part of the network of SALTO-Youth Resource Centres that enables and supports quality projects in the youth field. On the SALTO-Website for the resource centre you can find more information about the Resource Centre.

RC website

Target group:

National agencies, organisations and participants of the European Solidarity Corps


Building of support structures for the implementaion of the European Solidarity Corps, quality management


2018- 2020



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Melanie Jacobs

Deputy Direktor - Austrian National Agency for Erasmus+ Youth in Action and European Solidarity Corps