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Youth for Human Rights

Within the project “Youth for Human Rights” new training formats and networking activities in the field of human rights education for youth work are developed. “Youth for Human Rights” is a cooperation project of several National Agencies of the EU-programme “Erasmus+ Youth in Action”. Apart from Austria and Germany, Estonia, Belgium- Flanders, Croatia, Latvia and Slovakia are involved.

Pedagogical Offers for Human Rights Education

The aim of the project is to create more pedagogical offers for young people in the field of human rights, and thus to increase the commitment of young people in this area. The project contributes to the advancement of non-formal educational offers on the topic of „Human Rights“ within the youth sector. Networking activities contribute to the prevention of violent radicalisation of young people. Democratic values, intercultural appreciation, social cohesion and a strong civil society should thus be promoted.


Link to Compass for Human Rights Education Resources and Tools for Youth Work


Training of Trainers

Together with European experts from the areas of education, youth work and research the project partners investigated existing approaches and good practices in Europe. Subsequently, existing trainings modules - against the background of current social challenges and new pedagogical requirements - were advanced and new formats created. Proficient trainers were actively integrated in the development. In transnational „training for trainers“ seminars, they shared the new approaches.

As a next step, in 2018 14 seminars took place (two per partnering country) involving professional youth workers on a local level during which the new methods were shared. Furthermore, in 2019 networking events bringing together Human Rights organisations and youth workers took place with the aim to explore the question how the two fields could collaborate.

Target group:

youth workers


Establishing human rights education within youth work


2017 - 2019


Project Results:

Final Report "Youth Work & Human Rights"
(PDF, Englisch, 963 KB)

Executive Summary
(PDF, German, 189 KB)

Dokumentation "Empower You(th)"
(PDF, German, 2 MB)

List of links about Human Rights Education in youth work
(PDF, German, 148 KB)

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