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One Europe One Caucasus

The 27-month project "One Europe One Caucasus" represents the synergy of all partners (from Austria, Georgia, Poland and Portugal) experience in work with migrants and refugees, creative education, projects aimed at social inclusion and international art initatives with the unique festival and program called "One Caucasus" which is implemented in borderland of non-EU country Georgia, but the same time is authentic laboratory for realizing European values. „One Caucasus" is not only a festival but also a long-term borderland program. Together with local communities we organize workshops for youth from Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. We focus on creating and running interdisciplinary workshops oriented on the learning-by-doing method. Our educators and local communities are creating new educational initiatives across the Kvemo-Kartli region.

Modules of actions

The project will consist of three modules of actions:

  1. One Caucasus Program and Festival – in this module we will use a unique space (that brings together youth from Caucasus – across the conflict lines – and beyond) for developing new international, interdisciplinary art and educational initiatives in Kvemo-Kartli, most multiethnic region of Georgia (in the borderland of Armenia and Azerbaijan). The module will consist of two editions of an international festival of a new format (free-access, participant-oriented, multi-actor festival with participatory architecture initatives) and a long-term education program led by teams of artists and educators.
  2. Inter3Labs – interdisciplinary research-based initiatives where artists and experts will work together with particular social groups at risk of social exclusion (with special focus on migrants and refugees) will be organized in Poland, Austria and Portugal.
  3. OEOC multimedia and follow up – will include creating and promoting 5 documentary films (presenting two editions of One Caucasus Program and Festival and 3 Inter3Labs) and 5 educational animations (presenting know-how used and practiced in framework of the project in format of attractive and accessible step-by-step animations for artists, educators, architects, local governments and musicians


October 2019 - December 2021

Countries involved:

Austria, Georgia, Poland, Portugal

© Bernadette Reiter 2019

Franjo Steiner

Project Management
© Bernadette Reiter 2019

Alice Scridon

IZ Academy